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  1. Sporting Regulations - General

  2. Sporting Regulations - Events

  3. Championship Event Penalties

  4. Technical Regulations

  5. Commercial Regulations

1. Championship Regulations - General

1.1 Title and Jurisdiction

The 2022 Formula G Championship (the Championship) is organised and administered by Club Formula G (the Organiser) in accordance with the General Regulations of Motorsport UK (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and these Championship Regulations. For more information, please visit

Championship Permit Number: TBC

1.2 Championship Officials

1.2.1 Championship Co-ordinator:

     John Birrell, Formula G, a trading name of AJBirrell Limited


1.2.2 Championship Stewards


In the event of any Championship Stewards listed being unavailable or being unable to consider any particular matter due to a perceived conflict of interest, the Organiser reserves the right to appoint one or more alternative Championship Stewards.

1.2.3 Marshals: There shall be on each Circuit a number of Marshals to ensure that Competitors complete the Circuit according to these Regulations. All Marshals shall report any matter directly to a Championship Steward.

1.2.4 Judges of Fact: The Organiser and Championship Stewards will preside over all disputes and/or appeals. The Organiser’s decision is final.

1.2.5 Changes of Officials: Any changes to Championship Officials during the season will be notified in an official bulletin.

1.3 Competitor Eligibility

1.3.1 Competitors must be full members of Club Formula G, registered for the Championship and be in possession of a full UK driving licence and a current Motorsport UK Competition Licence. Drivers without one of the aforementioned licences, whether from overseas or underage or otherwise, must confirm their eligibility with The Organiser first.

1.3.2 A Competitor who is in full time education shall not take time off school to participate in the Championship without prior written approval of their school. If participation in the Championship requires absence from school, Competitor will provide the Organiser with a letter stating such approval from the school.

1.3.3 Whether signing on electronically in advance or in person on the day of the event, all documentation must be available for checking at each round.

1.3.4 Competitors must ensure their entered vehicle complies with the conditions of eligibility and safety throughout Practice, Qualifying and Battle sessions.

1.3.5 Competitors who have not previously competed in the Championship (Novices) will be observed by the Championship Officials during Practice sessions. In their first year of competition, Novices are requested to affix a yellow square measuring 7” x 7” with a black diagonal cross of strokes 6” long and 1” wide to the rear of the car.

1.4 Registration

1.4.1 Competitors are invited to apply to register for the Championship by joining Club Formula G at Registration does not guarantee entry.

1.4.2 Championship Registration will commence from the publication of these Regulations.

1.4.3 All Competitors must apply for entry to each round by paying the applicable fee. All applications will be considered by the Organiser before entry is confirmed. This process includes allocation into the appropriate class and may require the applicant to provide further details. The decision regarding class allocation will be that of the Organiser’s, whose ruling will be final.

1.4.4 Submission of the Registration form and payment of the entry fee does not guarantee entry. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry without giving a reason.

1.4.5 Race numbers will be issued to each Registered Competitor. These will be permanent competition numbers for the season and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, unless a number has been held by the Competitor during the previous year in which case it will be reserved for the season.

1.5 Championship Format

1.5.1 The Championship will be held over six rounds as follows:

  • Round 1 - TBC

  • Round 2 - TBC

  • Round 3 - TBC

  • Round 4 - TBC

  • Round 5 - TBC

  • Round 6 - TBC

1.5.2 All Events will be organised by Club Formula G.

1.5.3 The main contact for entries is the Championship Co-ordinator (see regulation 1.2.1).

1.5.4 The Organiser reserves the right to amend the race calendar at any time during the season. Details will be notified to Competitors in an official bulletin.

1.6 Point Scoring

1.6.1 At each Event, and for each Class, Competitors Registered for the Championship will score points that will be awarded as follows:

Finishing Position   

Qualifying Session   

Battle Session   

Fastest Time of The Day
(Qualifying and Battle Sessions only)
































*In certain extreme circumstances, the Championship Stewards may see fit to deduct Championship Points where a Competitor is in breach of these Regulations.

1.6.2 The season’s 6 rounds are point-scoring rounds of the 2022 Formula G Championship. Competitors will subtract the points from their lowest scoring round from their final total. The total of points scored will determine the final Championship positions. Competitors disqualified from the results for sporting or technical infringements may not use that event as a non-scoring round for the purpose of the overall Championship placings.

1.6.3 Ties will be resolved as follows and in this order:

(a) By considering the number of first places.

(b) If still tied, by considering the number of second places, and so on in the best scoring events.

(c) If still tied, by considering the placings in all Championship events.

1.7 Awards

1.7.1 All Awards are to be provided by Formula G, a trading name of AJBirrell Ltd.

1.7.2 At each round, trophies will be awarded for first, second and third place in each Class. A trophy will also be awarded to the fastest Novice of the day. A Competitor will only be eligible for the Novice trophy if they are displaying the requested Novice sticker (see Regulation 1.3.5).

1.7.3 At the end of the Championship season, a trophy will be awarded for first, second and third place in each Class.

1.7.4 The Organiser reserves the right to introduce or cancel Awards due to an insufficient number of entries at any point before or during the season. These changes will be notified to competitors via an official bulletin.

1.7.5 Trophies will be presented at the end of each round at a prize giving ceremony. All Drivers must attend these ceremonies unless given specific permission by the organisers not to do so. Failure to attend may result in a deduction of Championship Points.

1.7.6 Formula G, a trading name of AJBirrell Ltd, holds the rights of title to all of the trophies. Therefore, in the event of Provisional Results or Championship tables being revised after the awards have been presented, if a Competitor’s position has changed any previously allocated trophies must be returned in good condition within 7 days.

1.8 Documentation

1.8.1 These Championship Regulations set out the rules for the 2022 Formula G Championship and all of its rounds.

1.8.2 Competitors will receive a set of Event Supplementary Regulations and Final Instructions (if applicable) prior to each round. These are to be regarded as an official bulletin and will carry the same force as these Championship Regulations.

1.8.3 Further official bulletins may be issued to Competitors prior to each round.

1.8.4 Competitors will be notified of any changes, additions or deletions to these Championship Regulations due to exceptional circumstances via an official bulletin. Such amendments will be circulated to all Registered Competitors and Championship Officials.

2. Sporting Regulations - Events

2.1 Entries

2.1.1 Competitors who have Registered for the Championship, their entry accepted, and paid the relevant entry fee for each Event will be included on the entry list for each round.

2.1.2 The Organiser reserves the right to refuse entries. Incorrect or incomplete entry applications, and for entries not accompanied by the relevant entry fee or registration form, will not be accepted until all details are complete and correct.

2.1.3 Competitors may change cars during the season. The Championship Coordinator must be informed when the change takes place and before entries for the forthcoming event are finalised.

2.1.4 Competitors may only enter and drive one car at each round, unless agreed by the Organiser. Only one driver per car per round is allowed, unless agreed in advance by the Organiser.

2.1.5 Competitors must compete in the same car that was presented at scrutineering.

2.2 Signing On and Driver Briefings

2.2.1 All drivers must sign on, either electronically or in person on the day at the designated sign on area, depending on the circumstances. This will be notified to Competitors in the Final Instructions, or under the direction of a Championship Official.

2.2.2 At sign on, Competitors must have completed the online Registration form, paid the correct entry fee, and present documentary evidence of eligibility to compete as per Regulation 1.3. No exceptions will be made.

2.2.3 Competitors must make the required documentation available for inspection at the event. Depending on the circumstances, drivers may be issued with a wristband which must be worn in order to gain access to the circuit. Details will be provided in the Final Instructions.

2.2.4 The Organiser will notify Competitors of the time and location for the Driver Briefing in the Final Instructions for that Event. Competitors must attend all briefings. Failure to attend may result in a penalty being applied, or disqualification from that round.

2.3 Scrutineering

2.3.1 Competitors must ensure that their vehicle complies with the Championship Regulations throughout. Vehicles will be checked at the Event prior to the Practice Session and at the discretion of the Championship Officials. Competitors must co-operate and comply with all requests. Competitors will not be allowed to participate in the Event until they have passed scrutineering. Vehicles failing to pass the requirements must have remedial work carried out and be re-submitted for scrutineering before being allowed to compete.

2.3.2 Where required by the Venue, vehicles must pass a noise test before being allowed to take part. Noise tests may also be carried out during the Event. If the vehicle exceeds the maximum noise levels it will be withdrawn from the Event until effective remedial work has been carried out to rectify the issue.

2.3.3 If a Competitor is reported to have been involved in a contact incident during any session, such as contacting a permanent barrier or another vehicle, they will be required to re-present the vehicle for scrutineering before continuing.

2.4 Event Format

2.4.1 A Formula G Event will comprise three sessions:

  1. Practice

There will be an open practice session at the start of each Event. The Practice session should be used by Competitors to familiarise themselves with the layout of the circuit, track conditions and the operation of their vehicle. Although timing will be available for testing purposes, it is not under any circumstances to be regarded as a competitive session.

  1. Qualifying

The Qualifying session will be used to measure the performance of Competitors in order to establish who will compete in the Battles. Each driver will have four runs. Driver must take two runs on each side of the circuit. The fastest time of the four runs will be the driver’s qualifying time. Only the top 16 drivers in each Class will progress to the Battles.

  1. Battles

Each Class will have its own separate battles.

The top 16 drivers in each class from Qualifying will battle their way to the Final via the following Battles: Top 16; Top 8; Top 4; Final. In the Top 16 Battle, Drivers will be allocated an opponent based on their finishing position in Qualifying. Driver 1 will battle driver 16, driver 2 will battle driver 15, and so on.

Each driver will complete one run on each side of the circuit, competing head to head against their opponent. The driver with the fastest total time of both runs will progress to the next battle. The losing driver will be eliminated.

The losing drivers of the Top 4 Battle will battle for third place. The winner of the Final will be awarded first place, the loser of the Final will be awarded second place.

Once the Battles are announced they cannot be altered and drivers may not switch.

2.4.2 Each Competitor will be provided with a race schedule and receive a five minute warning prior to each Session commencing (the Announcement). Following the Announcement, the relevant Competitors must line up in the pre-staging area. Failure to line up in the pre-staging area may result in a DNS (for Top 16 battles) or DNF (for all other battles) being recorded in place of a time.

2.4.3 Competitors may service, or undertake adjustments or repairs to, their vehicle between battles. Competitors may not service, or undertake adjustments or repairs to, their vehicle between runs in a battle unless permitted by a Championship Official. Servicing, adjustments and repairs includes, but is not limited to, tyre and tyre pressure changes, refuelling and mechanical repairs. Adjustments are only permitted where this can be done by the driver without leaving their seat and without the use of tools.

2.4.4 During the Battle session, and where time permits, the “5 Minute Rule” will apply. Once per Event, and by agreement of a Championship Official, a Competitor may incur a five point penalty and call a five minute time out if they are unable to make it to the staging area within a reasonable time once their opponent for that Battle has entered the staging area. A Marshal may call this timeout in the absence of the Competitor. This timeout may not be called between runs unless a Championship Official deems there to be a health and safety issue.

The timeout starts once the vehicle enters the pit area. Competitor may make repairs to the vehicle if necessary. If the Competitor is not proceeding to the staging area before the five minutes is up, a DNS or DNF will be recorded in place of a time.

2.4.5 Championship points will only be scored in the Qualifying and Battle sessions as per Regulation 1.6.

2.4.6 The Organiser may, in certain circumstances, restrict the number of Competitors in the Battle sessions according to their performance in the Qualifying session. If this procedure is implemented, Competitors will be notified in the Final Instructions via an Official Bulletin and/or at an Official Briefing.

2.4.7 In the event of a high (or low) number of entries, the Organiser reserves the right to amend the format of the sessions accordingly. Competitors will be notified in the Final Instructions or via an Official Bulletin.

2.4.8 Only the registered driver may drive the vehicle entered on the circuit. Championship Officials shall have the right to disqualify (DQ) any Competitor whose driving is considered unsatisfactory or dangerous.

2.4.9 The Organiser reserves the right to amend the programme outlined in the Final Instructions to correspond with operational requirements or due to unforeseen circumstances. Any such changes will be notified to Competitors via an Official Briefing.

2.4.10 In the Battles Session, in the event of a Tie Break, where the time of two Competitors competing head-to-head are equal, Competitors will be required to repeat the Battle. If time permits, and at the discretion of the Organiser, they may take ten minutes to check their cars over before repeating the Battle.

2.4.11 All results are deemed provisional until confirmed as final by the Organiser.

2.5 Staging

2.5.1 The staging lane is considered hot and only one Competitor team member will be allowed to attend to the vehicle.

2.5.2 Unless otherwise notified, strictly no static or rolling burnouts or tyre warming may happen in the staging lane or at the start line.

2.5.3 Once at the Start Line, the light tree will indicate when your vehicle is in position. Timing commences once the light goes green. The light tree will indicate a false start, and result in a DNF. Timing stops once the car has come to a complete stop at the Finish Line.

2.5.4 Timing will be provided by Portatree Systems LTD. Results will be supplied via the ICARIS Race Solutions system.

2.6 Circuit

2.6.1 The Circuits are of a temporary nature, constructed specifically for the Event. There will be two mirrored courses laid out next to one another. Championship Officials will ensure, to the best of their abilities, that each course is as close to identical as possible, subject to surface imperfections and other circumstances. Championship Officials reserve the right to adjust courses as required throughout the Event to ensure parity between each course.

2.6.2 The Start Line, Route and Finish Line will be indicated on a course map provided to Competitors in the Final Instructions. Timing sensors will normally be placed at the Start and Finish Lines. At the Venue, due to safety, track configuration or other factors beyond the control of the Organiser, the visual demarcation of the finish line, including, but not limited to, the position of the chequered flag, signage, striping and/or physical structure of any kind denoting the Finish, may not necessarily be one and the same with the timing sensors.

2.6.3 The Circuit will be clearly defined. Any attempt to deviate from the Circuit in order to gain a competitive advantage, or driving on the Circuit in a manner deemed to be unsafe or causing impediment to fellow Competitors, will result in a time penalty or, in certain circumstances, disqualification or a Championship Points penalty.

2.6.4 The Organiser will ensure to the best of its ability and in so far that it is reasonable that Competitors shall compete on a Circuit of comparable condition from one session to another. Due to changing weather conditions, surface degradation, or the occurrence of an incident during the Event that creates a hazard or obstacle, it is possible that Competitors will encounter a competitive disadvantage. In such instances, the Organiser shall manage the Event accordingly and shall have the right to cancel the Event should the conditions become dangerous.

2.6.5 In the event of an accident, or where a Vehicle becomes disabled for any reason, while on the Circuit, the Competitor (and any passengers if applicable, see Regulation 2.7.7) of the disabled Vehicle must, providing that there is no threat of fire or fuel spill, remain inside the Vehicle with their helmet and restraints on until the run is over, or until a Marshal gives the driver permission to exit the Vehicle.

2.6.6 In the event of a mechanical failure, the driver of the disabled Vehicle must make every reasonable effort to steer away from the racing line and, where possible, park in a safe place that allows easy recovery of the Vehicle.

2.7 Pits and Paddock Safety

2.7.1 All persons within the Paddock must be adequately attired in closed toe footwear (covering and protecting the whole foot).

2.7.2 Animals are not permitted in the Paddock at any time.

2.7.3 Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

2.7.4 A Championship Official may remove anyone from the Venue if they believe that person is acting dangerously, endangering the health and safety of themselves or others, may cause a hazard, bringing the Championship into disrepute, or any other reason as the Officials see fit..

2.7.5 A Competitor shall not push their own vehicle without a competent person in the driver’s seat in control of the Vehicle, except in case of emergency.

2.7.6 Refuelling is only permitted within the Pit area for that Competitor. Vehicle must have come to a complete stop, the engine switched off and keys removed from ignition. Competitors are advised to take extreme caution when refuelling a Vehicle that has not been allowed to completely cool.

2.7.7 No passenger shall enter a Competitor’s vehicle whilst at the venue, save for when entering and exiting the venue. Passenger rides are not permitted unless approved by the Organiser, and Passenger has completed all required documentation provided by the Organiser.

2.7.8 Teams will be directed to their own Pit area by a Championship Official. Competitors are permitted no more than one support vehicle in addition to the competition vehicle in their Pit area. The support vehicle must display a Support Vehicle Pass which will be supplied to Competitor prior to the event. Should you have specific requirements, or a particularly large support vehicle, Competitor must notify the Organiser prior to the Event.

2.7.9 Competitors must maintain a safe Pit area in which to undertake repairs or servicing on their vehicle. Additional fire extinguishers are highly recommended, except where the Competitor is using a non-pumped fuel such as, for example, methanol, in which case a fire extinguisher is compulsory.

2.7.10 While working on a vehicle in the Pit area, a groundsheet or other suitable flooring is mandatory. The Organiser holds the Competitor responsible to the Venue for any repairs to or specialist cleaning of the venue surface required. A gazebo is highly recommended to provide protection for team members, as is a spill kit and an additional fire extinguisher.

2.7.11 Any waste, particularly hazardous waste, including but not limited to oil, coolant and tyres, must be disposed of in an appropriate manner by the Competitor. Failure to correctly dispose of any waste may result in a fine or disqualification.

2.7.12 A 5mph speed limit applies to all vehicles in the paddock at all times. Any Competitor exceeding the speed limit, having been previously warned, may be subject to a penalty, a fine or disqualification.

2.7.13 Any Venue-specific rules will be communicated to Competitors via an Official Bulletin or in the Final Instructions.

2.8 Coronavirus

2.8.1 Guidelines, practices and procedures have been put in place in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19. It is a requirement of entry that, before attending an Event, the Competitor and their team read and understand the information that has been issued by the Championship and the Venue. Failure to comply with the guidelines may result in a penalty being applied, disqualification, or being directed to leave the Venue. Details relating to each Event will be notified to Competitors in the Final Instructions or via an Official Bulletin.

2.9 Code of Conduct

2.9.1 The Code of Conduct will apply equally to all Competitors, Team Members and any other person attending the Event.

2.9.2 Each Competitor and Team Member must conduct themselves in a manner that shall not bring the sport, fellow Competitors, the Championship, Club Formula G, or AJBirrell Ltd into disrepute.

2.9.3 Any material including but not limited to any oral or written statement, video, artwork or other imagery made or distributed by a Competitor or Team Member (or anyone directly associated with a Competitor or Team Member), and directed toward the Championship, Club Formula G, AJBirrell Ltd, its partners and/or fellow Competitors, which the Organiser in its complete discretion considers to be in any way defamatory or libellous, shall be subject to disciplinary action.

2.9.4 Competitors and Team Members must be courteous and non-confrontational with all Championship Officials and fellow Competitors at all times during the Event.

2.9.5 Competitors and Team Members shall not cause any nuisance or annoyance to any other person involved in any capacity in the Event. Each person must exercise care as to their own safety and the safety of others.

2.9.6 Competitors and Team Members shall comply with these Regulations and any other notices made to Competitors via the Final Instructions, Official Bulletins or Driver Briefings.

2.9.7 Unsporting conduct, or reckless or unsafe conduct of any kind, including driving, at any time during the Event, will result in immediate disqualification. Any such conduct should be reported to a Championship Official as soon as practicable.

2.9.8 Competitors and Team Members are expected to abide by all relevant law.

2.9.9 The consumption and/or use of illegal drugs, narcotics, and/or alcohol prior to or during the Event by a Competitor or their Team Members will result in immediate disqualification for the Competitor. Should a Competitor be prescribed a controlled substance by their GP, Competitor must notify the Organiser prior to the Event. The Organiser reserves the right to decline entry should they consider there to be a potential health and safety or insurance issue, and may require the Competitor to demonstrate that they are fit to compete.

2.9.10 Where any person believes that the health and safety of any other person at the Event is endangered by continuing the Event, that person must immediately notify a Championship Official so that the Organiser can take appropriate action.

2.9.11 Competitors are responsible for their Team Members. Failure of Team Members to comply with these Regulations or the directions of a Championship Official may result in a penalty, fine or disqualification for the Competitor and/or their Team Members.

3. Championship Event Penalties

3.1 Time Penalties

3.1.1 During a run, contact with any obstacle, cone or barrier on the Circuit resulting in a visible movement of that obstacle will result in a two second time penalty for the Competitor on that run.

3.1.2 Multiple time penalties may be awarded for multiple infractions, and the total of all time penalties for that run will be added to the elapsed time.

3.1.3 Competitors deemed to have intentionally made contact with an obstacle in order to gain a competitive advantage will be awarded a time penalty commensurate with the action, to be determined by a Championship Official. In extreme circumstances, the Competitor may be allocated a DNF (Did Not Finish) and repeat offenders will be disqualified.

3.1.4 The decision to impose a time penalty is at the sole discretion of the Championship Officials.

3.2 DNS and DNF

3.2.1 A Competitor who fails to line up at the Start Line within five minutes of the session being announced will be allocated a DNS or DNF, save for the “5 Minute Rule” being invoked (see Regulation 2.4.4). A DNS will only be awarded where the battle is for the Top 16 and, as such, the Competitor will not score Championship Points. For all other battles the Competitor will be awarded a DNF.

3.2.2 A false start - leaving the Start Line before the lights have turned green - will result in a DNF.

3.2.3 Any Competitor who leaves the circuit during a run (i.e. all four tyres are off the Circuit), becomes lost on the circuit, or leaves the racing line, will be allocated a DNF for that run.

3.2.5 Failure to come to a complete stop at the Finish Line within the designated area will result in a DNF.

3.2.6 Any Competitor that completes a run without being allocated a DNF shall be considered to have received a better time score than any Competitor that is allocated a DNF.

3.2.7 Where two Competitors in a Battle both receive a DNF on the same run, they will be considered to have tied. Any Competitor receiving two DNFs in a Battle will be eliminated.

3.2.8 At the end of the track Competitors will be directed by a Marshal as to which lane must give way. Failure to comply with the Marshal’s instructions and/or cutting across a race lane will result in a DNF.

3.2.9 Cutting across the run-off will result in a DNF.

3.2.10 Donuts at the end of the track, or re-entry on to the circuit against the flow of traffic will result in a DNF. Finalists will be permitted a celebratory donut on the circuit at the end of their final run, time permitting.

3.2.11 A “3 Strikes” rule will apply to all Competitors. Any Competitor who DNFs three times may be disqualified from the Event. This is at the sole discretion of the Organiser.

3.3 Appeals

3.3.1 A Competitor may Appeal the award of a penalty or allocation of a DNF directly to the Organiser.

3.3.2 No further Appeals may be made if the Appeal is dismissed.

3.3.3 If the Appeal is upheld by the Organiser, then the Organiser may in certain circumstances require Competitors to repeat their run or Battle to ensure an equitable outcome. 

3.3.4 The decision of the Organiser or Championship Official is final.

4. Technical Regulations

4.1 Introduction

4.1.1 The following Technical Regulations apply to all Competitor vehicles participating in any Championship Event. If there is any ambiguity in the Technical Regulations as to whether you may do something to the vehicle, it should be assumed that you cannot and, before conducting such work, we would advise you to contact the Championship Organiser to confirm.

4.1.2 The Formula G Championship is open to all cars of any recognised manufacturer or have a body profile that has previously been available as a production vehicle. Prototypes and other specialist vehicles may be permitted subject to approval of the Organiser.

4.1.3 Cars must have four wheels.

4.1.4 Electric and hybrid cars will be permitted only with the approval of the Organiser.

4.1.5 Chassis may not be altered in length between the wheel centres. Seam welding and bracing of the chassis is permitted. Modification of the firewall and transmission tunnel is allowed only with the permission of the Organiser following the Technical Inspection. Any holes in the firewall must be of the minimum size for the passage of controls and wires, and must be completely sealed to prevent the passage of fluids or flames from the engine compartment to the cockpit.

4.1.6 A FWD car that has been converted to RWD, or a RWD car that has been converted to AWD, will be permitted so long as it conforms to FIA Article and passes a more comprehensive technical inspection by the Organiser. All other chassis modifications are permitted, and cars are not required to be MOT’d or taxed unless driven to and from the Event.

4.1.7 Soft top, convertible or open top cars are permitted only if an adequate roll over bar (not a “style bar’) or roof shell is fitted.

4.1.8 Where a cage or roll over bar is fitted, it must be of sound construction, and mounted to the chassis in accordance with Motorsport UK Section K.

4.1.9 Competitors will be personally and solely responsible for ensuring their cars comply with the details provided at Registration and these Regulations. Failure to comply in either respect will be deemed a breach of these Regulations.

4.1.10 Throughout the Event, cars must be presented in a manner that represents the entered Class and the Championship. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry if a car does not comply with the Technical Regulations or, if in their opinion, the standard of preparation is not to an acceptable standard.

4.2 Classes

4.2.1 There will be two classes: Two Wheel Drive (2WD) and All Wheel Drive (AWD).

4.2.2 The Organiser reserves the right to cancel, add, amend or amalgamate classes and sessions to correspond with the number and types of vehicles entered. Any changes will be notified to Competitors via an Official Bulletin.

4.3 Safety Requirements

4.3.1 Safety Rollover Structures: highly recommended, but not compulsory, unless Vehicle is a soft top, convertible or open top car (see Regulation 4.1.6).

4.3.2 Seats and Seatbelts: must be fitted. The use of a competition seat and harness is compulsory only where the vehicle has no roof and or windows fitted, but are highly recommended. All seats and seatbelts fitted must be in a roadworthy condition.

4.3.3 Fire Extinguishers: a fire extinguisher of at least 1.75L must be fitted securely to the vehicle. Fire extinguishers should be serviced every 24-months or sooner, and as specified by the manufacturer. Only FIA homologated extinguishants, for example foam, powder or Clean Agent, are permitted.

4.3.4 External Circuit Breaker: highly recommended, but not compulsory.

4.3.5 Personal Driver Equipment: Crash Helmets must be worn and must be ECE approved. FIA- and Snell-approved helmets are highly recommended. Goggles must be used in open top cars with open-face helmets, or full-face helmets without a visor. Racing overalls and fireproof underwear, balaclavas, boots and gloves are highly recommended, but not compulsory. Drivers must keep arms and legs covered at all times when on the Circuit.

4.3.6 Lights: functioning, road-legal brake lights must be fitted to the vehicle.

4.4 Structure of the Vehicle

4.4.1 Bodywork and chassis are free save for the provisions of Regulation 4.1.5 (chassis modification) and 4.6.5 (ground clearance). There must be no sharp edges. Running without bumpers, or any other body panel, is not permitted. Bumper cuts are permitted on the rear so long as there are no protruding or sharp edges.

4.4.2 Windscreen and windows: glass windows must be of laminated type. Windscreen wipers must be retained and be in working order. View must not be obstructed by decals; please see Regulation 4.11 regarding Championship decals. Clear polycarbonate of no less than 4mm thickness is permitted. Windows, where fitted, must be closed while on circuit. In the absence of windows, a net is strongly recommended. Should fitting a net not be practical, for example where no roof is present, then arm restraints are strongly recommended.

4.4.3 Mirrors are free. Vehicles must have at least one mirror for rearward visibility.

4.4.4 Towing eyes must be securely fixed to the main structure of the vehicle within the confines of the body, front and rear, to enable the car to be moved.

4.4.5 Aerodynamic modifications (Aero) are free.

4.4.6 Dashboard and interior is free. There must be no sharp edges, or loose objects. Videography equipment must be securely attached to the vehicle and tethered.

4.4.7 Ballast is free but must be secured properly and painted yellow for ease of inspection.

4.5 Engines and Mechanical Components

4.5.1 Engines and ECUs are free. Engine swaps and conversions are permitted.

4.5.2 Cooling system is free.

4.5.3 Induction system is free.

4.5.4 Exhaust system is free. Some venues may impose a noise limit, which must be adhered to by competitors (please see Regulation 2.3.2)..

4.5.5 A catch can of at least 1-litre must be fitted unless the standard breather system is retained.

4.6 Suspension, Brakes and Steering

4.6.1 Suspension is free.

4.6.2 Brakes are free. A hydraulic handbrake is permitted. A brake bias control may be fitted but must not be located in such a position that it can be inadvertently adjusted whilst driving.

4.6.3 Steering is free.

4.6.4 Wheels are free and must be suitable for the vehicle to which they are attached. Steel or titanium wheel nuts or bolts are compulsory. Wheel spacers are permitted.

4.6.5 There must be a minimum clearance of 40mm under the car with the driver seated.

4.7 Tyres

4.7.1 Any E marked tyres may be used.

4.7.2 There must be a minimum of 1.6mm tread across ¾ of the width of the tyre remaining after each session.

4.7.3 The cutting or re-grooving of tyres is not permitted.

4.7.4 If, in the opinion of a Championship Official, any tyre on a Competitor’s vehicle is deemed unsafe, whether because of damage to sidewalls, canvas or wire protrusion, bulges or other irregularity that might impact the safety of the tyre, Competitor will not be allowed to compete until the tyre in question has been replaced.

4.8 Transmission

4.8.1 Transmission is free.

4.8.2 All cars must have a reverse gear.

4.9 Electrics

4.9.1 Exterior lighting is free, save for the provisions of Regulation 4.3.6 (brake lights).

4.9.2 The battery must be secured properly. It may be relocated from its original position. Where a battery is installed in the driver compartment, it must be securely mounted with adequate protection for the terminals, preferably in a sealed box.

4.9.3 An externally operated circuit breaker is recommended.

4.9.4 Cars are permitted to carry pit to car radios, subject to Ofcom requirements being met.

4.9.5 All other systems, including ignition and charging systems, are free.

4.10 Fuel Tank, Fuel System and Fuel

4.10.1 Fuel tank and fuel systems are free. Fuel cells are permitted. A fireproof bulkhead must separate the tank and other system components from the driver compartment. Where fuel lines are routed inside the driver compartment, they must be braided.

4.10.2 Fuel is free. Where mixed fuel is used, and a car is using non-pumped fuel such as methanol, the Competitor must declare this to a Championship Official at each Event and display a 3” / 70mm diameter orange disk by the side of the race number wherever it is displayed.

4.10.3 Nitrous Oxide is permitted but the Competitor must declare this to a Championship Official at each event and display the appropriate N2O green sticker alongside the orange sticker as per Regulation 4.10.2 next to the race number wherever it is displayed. Nitrous Oxide bottles must be securely mounted behind a fireproof bulkhead or sealed section. Only gas cylinders certified for use at the working pressure of the system are permitted. All cylinders must have a safety valve or similar mechanism to prevent over-pressurisation. Relief valves should be vented to the atmosphere. The bottle-to-solenoid supply line should be of steel or steel-braided Teflon hose and securely fastened at least every six inches. All fittings must be of a screw-sealing type. Systems must include a mechanism to prevent activation prior to the throttle being operated. A warning light must be installed to indicate when the system is armed and be in the line of sight of the Competitor.

4.10.4 Competitors found not complying with the fuel regulations will be immediately disqualified.

4.11 Race Numbers and Decals

4.11.1 Race numbers will be allocated upon Registration as per Regulation 1.4.5. Numbers must be displayed clearly on the rear of the vehicle.

4.11.2 All Championship decals and race numbers will be supplied prior to or at the Competitor’s first Event by the Organiser and may be updated during the season as required.

4.11.3 To qualify for points and awards it is a Championship requirement that all cars must carry decals in the designated positions for all sessions, including Practice. Where it is not possible to position Championship decals as directed, the Competitor must contact the Organiser to agree a suitable alternative location.

4.11.4 To qualify for the Fastest Novice of the Day award, a Novice Competitor must display the appropriate decal in the designated position as per Regulation 1.3.5.

5. Commercial Regulations

5.1 General

5.1.1 The terms of the Commercial Regulations are designed to form a binding agreement between the Championship Promoters (AJBirrell Ltd) and the Competitor. Any breach of the Commercial Regulations may render the Competitor ineligible to compete, and /or receive Championship points and awards. The Competitor is responsible for ensuring that all Team Members are aware of and comply with the Commercial Regulations. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action being taken.

5.2 Registrations and Entry

5.2.1 Event fees must be paid in full prior to the Event. Entries will not be accepted until full payment is made.

5.2.2 The Competitor is responsible for informing the Organiser of any changes to their entry in writing at least seven days before the relevant Event.

5.2.3 If a Competitor withdraws from an Event for whatever reason, no refunds for deposits or payments made will be given.

5.3 Commercial Rights and Obligations

5.3.1 The Intellectual, Commercial, Merchandising and Sponsorship rights of the Formula G Championship are the property of AJBirrell Ltd. AJBirrell Ltd owns the rights to the Championship logos and the words “Formula G”, when used in connection with motorsport activities. Competitors and associated parties must acknowledge this intellectual property belongs to AJBirrell Ltd and must not use the brand in any way or form whatsoever, including the use of logos, without written consent of AJBirrell Ltd. Failure to observe these rights will result in legal action being taken.

5.3.2 The Sporting and Organisational Rights of the Formula G Championship are the property of AJBirrell Ltd. These rights may not be assigned to any other party or person without their written agreement.

5.3.3 All photography and/or video footage recorded by a competitor should be made available to the Organiser and any nominated third party media production company, if requested to do so, as soon as practicable after the Event. Competitors agree that the Championship may use images and footage of their Vehicle, and their footage, in promotional and marketing materials. Competitors retain the right to use personal images and footage as they please, so long as the Regulations are complied with.

5.3.4 AJBirrell Ltd and any nominated third party have exclusive broadcast, recording, cable, satellite, digital, video, internet, mobile and interactive rights and rights to all other mediums to film and record the participation of the Competitor, their Team Members, Sponsors and any other persons involved in the Event throughout the Championship, and has the right to licence, assign or otherwise deal with such rights and/or film and recording. The Competitor accepts without reservation or recourse the surrender of their rights in such matters, which may then be used at the discretion of the Organiser.

5.3.5 Competitors and their Team Members are expected to promote in a positive light the Championship at all times. No person involved in the Championship in any capacity shall bring it into disrepute by means of a statement or communication to the press, media, or social media, which may be considered negative or demeaning. Competitors agree to assist in the promotion of the Championship by granting interviews when requested and are expected to comply with any other reasonable requests regarding promotion.

5.3.6 From time to time, non-Championship or Promotional Events may be arranged during the season, which may include track demonstrations and/or static displays. Reasonable cooperation is expected and appreciated.

5.4 Vehicle Livery and Championship Decals

5.4.1 It is a commercial requirement of all Competitors to ensure that the correct Championship decals and its official sponsors’ decals are in place and positioned correctly on the competing vehicle. See Regulation 4.11.

5.4.2 Where Competitors intend to attend any Event not organised by Formula G, the Organiser reserves the right to request that all Championship decals be removed prior to taking part in that Event. Replacement Championship decals will need to be purchased. The decision of the Organiser is final.

5.5 Vehicle and Team Presentation

5.5.1 Competing vehicles should be clean and presented in good order, and must meet the standards reasonably required with regards to the prestige of the Championship and Championship decal requirements. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry if the condition of the vehicle and its livery does not meet these standards.

5.5.2 Support Vehicles similarly should be clean and presented in good order. The Organiser reserves the right to request that Support Vehicles not meeting this requirement be removed from the paddock area.

5.5.3 All persons involved in the Event in any capacity are expected to dress appropriately. Teams are encouraged to make every effort to be dressed and presented in a smart and professional manner, and in such a way as to not cause offence. Consideration should be given to the family nature of Events and a breach of this regulation in the opinion of a Championship Official may result in the removal of the offending person from the Venue.

5.5.4 The Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry and/or forbid further participation if a Team’s Pit Area does not meet the minimum safety or presentation standards that are expected.

5.6 Parking

5.6.1 The paddock area is reserved for the preparation of competition vehicles. No other vehicles should occupy this space. If in doubt, please ask a Championship Official. Venue-specific information will be provided in the Final Instructions.

5.6.2 It is the responsibility of the Competitor to advise the Organiser of any special requests or requirements with regards to the size of the area required or the location of their area with respect to another Team. The Organiser will do its best to accommodate these requests.

5.7 Pit and Paddock Responsibilities

5.7.1 A speed limit of 5mph applies to the Paddock area at all times. The only permitted movement of competing vehicles within the Paddock will be between the Competitor’s Pit area and scrutineering or staging unless otherwise specifically requested by a Championship Official. At all times the vehicle must be under the control of a licensed driver correctly seated.

5.7.2 Motorised team vehicles (including quad bikes, electric scooters, etc.) must only be used by persons holding an appropriate licence and be used only on official team business. Recreational use is strictly forbidden.

5.7.3 Teams are expected to maintain a neat and tidy and safe working area at all times.

5.7.4 Extreme care and caution must be taken when using a barbecue or other open flame in the Paddock area. Cigarettes, pipes and cigars must not be smoked in the Pit area. Please have a fire extinguisher to hand.

57.5 Any Team not adhering to these responsibilities will be subject to a penalty or disqualification..

5.8 Hospitality

5.8.1 Hospitality and entertainment by the Team for their sponsors, friends or anyone other than Team Personnel may be provided only by prior approval from the Organiser. The Organiser will do its best to accommodate such requests. External catering may be subject to restrictions imposed by the Venue; please liaise with the Organiser accordingly.

5.9 Sustainability

5.9.1 Motorsport is inherently damaging to the environment and, as such, the Organiser is keen to reduce the impact of the Championship as much as possible. For 2022, the Championship will be partnering with Carbon Positive Motorsport ( to offset competition emissions. Competitors are asked to submit to the Organiser fuel consumed in litres after each Championship Round in order to offset accordingly.

5.9.2 Should Competitors wish to offset fuel usage outside of the Competition, for example travelling to and from Events, then please contact Carbon Positive Motorsport directly.

5.10 Infringements of Commercial Regulations

5.10.1 The Organiser reserves the right to impose an appropriate penalty on either a Team or a Competitor should there be an infringement of these Commercial Regulations, or an infringement relating to the visual representation of the Team, it’s Competition Vehicles, Support Vehicles, and/or associated persons, including items issued by the Organiser.

For any additional information then please contact